MYRIAD SONG – Science Fiction Role-Play on 10,000 Worlds – Kickstarter starts today

Posted by Imperator • April 22nd, 2013

Myriad Song
is game of science-fiction adventure where you will play as a brave adventurer travelling in the strange legacy of an alien empire. You will travel to primitive worlds with savage monsters … to high-tech stations of amazing technology … to derelict worlds where people scrounge out a living among the ruins … and to places far stranger. You will find lost treasures … and you will find horrors best forgotten. You will tangle with dangerous people, from desperate lowlifes out to make a quick buck, to dangerous soldiers of imperial armies, all the up to monstrous entities both alien and terrifying. The risks are great, but the rewards are greater. Are you ready to heed the siren song of the further stars?

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