Myriad Song presents MATT HOWARTH

Posted by Imperator • October 1st, 2013

Known for his THOSE ANNOYING POST BROS comic-book series, author/artist MATT HOWARTH has produced countless other works and worked with many independent and electronic musicians. He has designed album covers, illustrated comic books, and written novels, where he frequently uses science fiction as a means to comment on our culture.

“My mind is prone to pursue strangeness when it comes to storylines, and in the real world there are strict guidelines (i.e.: laws of physics or social conventions) that act as limiting parameters. In storytelling, the writer is supposed to focus on an aspect of humanity as the crux of the tale… but my personal inclination is to get lost in the weird trappings that surround the characters, whether it be an alien world or a completely unrealistic scenario. I struggle to guide humanity back into the story, but often find myself constrained by the indigenous situations. Political or theological ramifications of our time have little bearing on a character’s motivations if they live on a gas giant planet halfway across the galaxy a few hundred years in the future.”

PROGRESSION by Matt Howarth

PROGRESSION, a fantasy novel for fans of progressive music


WIPEOUT, a graphic novel with C’thulu, Ron Post, and other Bugtown characters

“I have recently completed CHANGES 2, a sequel to my graphic novel from 30 years ago, further chronicling the misadventures of the Post Bros and the other eccentric denizens of Bugtown. Also just self-published KEIF LLAMA: WALLWAY, the fifth color digital graphic novel following the exploits of Xenotech Keif Llama–deep space with lots of weird aliens.”

“During the 70s, I started in self-publishing, but I swiftly spread out to working for a variety of publishers. This diversity has continued throughout my career, doing work for Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, DC Comics, TMNT, Aeon, Rip Off Press … Yet all along I continued to self-publish things–mainly because my output is far more than any group of publishers could possibly handle. Since 2000, I’ve adapted my work to computer technology, which allows me to self-publish in digital form and avoid printing and warehousing costs. But during the last decade, I’ve still done numerous series and oneshots for a variety of publishers. I’m like a water faucet that’s stuck and can’t be turned off; things just keep on gushing out.”

“A roster of my other works can be found at”

EDEN RETRIEVAL, a novel about space mercenaries on a daring rescue who must travel to an earth conquered by the Old Ones.

Matt Howarth’s work is featured in the role-playing game, MYRIAD SONG, which you can order from Read more about Matt Howarth on the Comic Book Resources site.