MYRIAD THREAT, Graphic Novel by Matt Howarth, Coming Soon…

Posted by Imperator • September 4th, 2015

The continuing story of Rhys and Naril, two adventurers caught up in a mystery from the fringes of forgotten space. Greenfungus - Myriad Quest 2 Kickstarter promos (Myriad Song) 21-Jul-2015After destroying a cache of Syndic hardware, Rhys has been on the run with naught but remorse for abandoning Naril. But when galactic terrorists start using what certainly seems to be Syndic technology, Rhys finds himself thrown into a wild hunt to track down these villains before they can cause more mayhem. His adventure is packed with surprises, like alien drive-bys, suns going nova, and a film crew shooting a very peculiar documentary.

From the pen of Matt Howarth (Those Annoying Post Prothers, Konny & Czu, Transmetropolitan) comes another strange story from the Ten-Thousand Worlds. There’s still time to get exclusive rewards such as experimental music, obscure graphic novels, and custom artwork from Matt Howarth himself. Click here to experience the MYRIAD THREAT adventure for yourself.