And now a word from our sponsors: URBAN JUNGLE 20% off sale

Posted by Imperator • October 13th, 2016

Friend, have you been suffering from the listless feeling that doctors have been known to call “bad game”? Well, “level up” your life with URBAN JUNGLE: Anthropomorphic Noir Role-Play! A stand-up, stand-alone game in a single volume, you too can take on the role of the hard-boiled detective, the scheming femme fatale, the two-bit crooks, and the high-rolling gangsters. Customize your character as little or as much as you like, then jump head-first into a rich world of animals that walk, talk, fall in love, hold grudges, and frame you for a murder you did not commit. Just like people do!

URBAN JUNGLE was engineered by the top game-scientists of Sanguine Games, the same ones who brought you Ironclaw, Albedo, Usagi, and other fine products. Then they added illustrations from such top-notch artists as Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy), Maritza Campos (College Roommates From Hell), Rick Griffin (Housepets), Adam Koford (Laugh-Out-Loud Cats), and Krazy Krow (Spinnerette).  Finally, the game was produced by the support of community members like yourself, and now it’s available for everyone!

To celebrate of this brave new world of modern gaming, the printed version of URBAN JUNGLE is on sale for a limited time at 20% off. Just click this link, here, to order your copy and to have it delivered by parcel post or by special delivery. This offer will be available until November 10, 2016 or while supplies last, so act now while there’s still time!

URBAN JUNGLE. Ask for it by name!