Sanguine Games announces FARFLUNG – Sci-Fi Role-Play After Dark

Posted by Imperator • November 3rd, 2016

Cover for Farflung 17-Feb-2017

Sanguine Productions is proud to announce FARFLUNG: Role-Play at the Limits of your Tomorrow. Based on the popular Apocalypse World engine, this high-concept science fiction game explores the possibilities of characters far, far more powerful than your typical role-playing game. From immortals beyond that transcend time, up to alien destroyers of entire worlds, and right down to the mostly-harmless Earthlings clearly in over their heads, you may immerse yourself in the experience of post-scarcity, transhuman space. But if anything is possible, then what is interesting? We have such sights to show you.

FARFLUNG is now available for crowd-funding options, and we invite you to participate in more ways than ever before. Early-access copies are available for immediate review. (Yes, pledge right now and immediately receive a working copy of the game.) And with your support, we can take this experiment in interactive fiction to new heights, such as new platforms, retail release, story-telling tools and more. Click here to share and enjoy Farflung.