"O heaven! Were man but constant, he were perfect."

–William Shakespeare, The Two Gentlemen of Verona



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Ironclaw (SGP1001)

Introduction Under Playtesting and Editorial Contribution, Denson Conn and Jarret "Bear" Sheppard should be listed. (Oops! To Denson, I say "Sorry". To Jarret, I say "Aarrgh.")
p. 3 The artwork for this page was misplaced.
p. 8 On Domnhull's character sheet, the "Sixth Sense" skill should be d8, not d7.
p. 10 The "Favored Weapon" text should read the same as the "Favored Use" rule. The "Favorite" rule, for either Weapon or Use or whatnot, is that you may re-roll one 1. Delete the "d4" reference.
p. 11 The last sentence should read that Movement is explained in the Combat chapter, not the Conflict chapter.
p. 12 In the table of Dash, Stride, and Full Move, eliminate the "-4 paces/round" and "+4 paces/round." These should be -3 and +3 respectively.

Clarification: If you have a Body of d4 and the "Frail" flaw, your Soak drops to "level zero." You have no dice to roll at all.
p. 15 Vesper's Will Trait should be d10, not d12.
p. 16 Anton's Plate Mail weighs 12 stone, not 13.
p. 19 Mansur has a "Gun" among his equipment – a "Pistol" that does 2d8 damage and weighs 1/8 stone.
p. 22 Mavra's Elementalist Career applies to "Elementalist Lore", not "Green & Purple Lore".

Mavra's Skill "Dodge 3" should be "Dodge 1."
p. 23 Tycho's Thaumaturge Career is listed incorrectly. It should have a Level of d8, and it should read "Applies to: Literacy, Magic Lore, and Meditation."

Tycho's Personal Gifts should read "Extra Trait d4 x2 (6 points); Luck (3 points)."
p. 24 Dierdre's should be wearing Reinforced Leather Armor, not Banded Mail.
p. 63 Under the "Watchman" career description, delete the last, unfinished sentence.
p. 65 Clarification: How does one get these "Special Traits"? With the gift of "Extra Trait", p. 79.
p. 67 Insert the following Passion between Love and Sorrow:


It is very difficult for you to show emotion. Use your Phlegmatic Dice to resist any spell or roll that would get you to do something or show strong emotion, such as Fear, Rage, or Terror. Include your Phlegmatic Dice in the difficulty of any Atavist Powers you attempt to invoke, as such extroverted displays are unlike you. This Trait goes well with the Flaw of "Slothful" (p. 103).

p. 69 Delete the reference to "Accounting" skill.
p. 71 Delete the reference to "Divination" skill.
p. 73 Between "Language" and "Literacy," insert the following Skill:

Leadership: Getting a group to follow your orders, especially when their lives are at risk, is no trivial matter. Heroes may be born, but leaders are made – with Leadership skill. Among other things, the Leadership skill will keep your followers around when they try to rout against overwhelming odds; see the Leadership Test (q.v.) in the Tests Chapters.

Possible Favorites: When out-numbered; when yelling at the top of my lungs; when leading my hand-picked elite crew with whom we've survived worse odds; when I'm in the lead.

p. 77 Under "Wrestling", the "Possible Favorites" should be "Pinning; Crushing; Disarming."
p. 79 Under "Extra Trait", there's one too many d6's. Zoe's Traits should read d12, d10, d8, d8, d6, d6, and d4.
p. 80 Under "Increased Trait", the first sentence should read that you may increase one of your six starting Traits, not seven.
p. 86 The natural weapon of "Hooves" are missing. They cost 1 point, and do d6 damage.
p. 87 Expand "Teeth" to include "Tusks". Can't leave out the Boars, now.
p. 90 Change the description of the Gift of "Wealth" to read as follows:
Your character is independently wealthy. He or she has an estate, with land, holdings, and resources that they may draw upon on a regular basis. Your character may start the game with as many Expensive Items as the size of your largest Career Die, to a maximum of 12. For example, if you have the Career of Artisan at d10 and Thaumaturge at d4, you may start the game with 10 Expensive Items. With very rare exceptions, your character should have either a Guild Membership (p. 89) or the Gift of Nobility (see above)."
p. 107 On the "Armor and Shields" table, Chain Mail should cost 36 denarii (not 48), it should be an "Average" cost item (not Expensive) and it should have an Availability of 2d10 (not 2d12).

The weight of a Dagger should be 1/16 stone, not 1/8 stone. The weight listed on p. 314 is correct.
p. 109 Omit the asterisk next to the lockpicks. There is no footnote.
p. 114 Under "Foil (Fencing)", change the "Special" text to read as follows:
Special: Disarm: If your foe has their weapon held in one hand, they are automatically disarmed. If your foe has a two-handed weapon, roll your Weapon & Strength Dice vs. their Weapon and Strength Dice – if you tie or succeed, your foe is disarmed. You may also strike your foe for normal damage.
p. 115 Clarification: on an Overwhelming Success on the "To-Hit" Roll, a Gun scores its "Special" hit, which is a "Slaying" critical. All damage dice that Succeed are treated as Overwhelmingly Succeeding. This means that each die causes two points instead of one point of Damage. (There is no extra bonus for Damage Dice that Overwhelm.)

Delete the words "This bonus is included in the listed damage." That sentence makes no sense.
p. 122 Under "Example 1", change the reference from "gun" to "bow."
p. 127 Clarification: How many dice do you include during a Test? Include all dice that the Game Host feels should apply. This can include the basic Traits, Career Traits, Race Traits, and other dice.

For example, under the "Ambush Test", a target who's "wary of ambush" would get to defend with both Sixth Sense and Mind dice.

In particular, if a Career Trait "applies to" that Skill, include those Career Dice with any Test that requires that Skill. The Career Trait may be used with other rolls, but it always applies to the uses of Skills referenced in its description.
p. 135 Replace the Fear Test Result Table with the following:
Result Effect
Botch Faint Dead Away: You immediately lose 1 Fatigue and fall Unconscious.
Overwhelming Failure Terror: You must flee the source of your Dread. If you cannot flee, you will curl up into a ball and whimper. You also suffer as per Fear, as below.
Failure Fear: You are at a -1 Penalty on To-Hit Rolls, to any rolls that involve Will Dice (including Resolve) combat. Mental skills that rely on self-confidence, such as Leadership, are impossible. You may not claim Favored Use or Focus.
Tie Hidden Fear: You are rattled, but not in a way that is immediately obvious to others. You may continue to use skills that require confidence, such as Fast-Talk or Leadership, but you otherwise suffer from Fear, as above.
Success No effect. You are briefly thrilled by the moment, but it passes.
Overwhelming Success No effect. You don't even flinch.
p. 138 Under the "Hide Test", delete the reference to "Will." It should read "Hide (Mind, Camouflage and Stealth vs. Mind and Observation.)"
p. 146 Add the following Test:

Scry       (Mind and appropriate Lore vs. 2d8, 2d6, or 2d4)

Some Magic Spells allow you to scan for certain kinds of information. For example, "Scry Spirit" allows you to scan for spirits, the residue of White Magic, etc. The Game Host should roll the Difficulty dice in secret.

To Scry, roll your Mind Trait and appropriate Lore Skill Dice vs. the Difficulty. As a rule, the more powerful the Scry spell is, the lower the Difficulty is – for Apprentice Scry Spells, the Difficulty is 2d8; for Journeyman Scry Spells, the Difficulty is 2d6; for Master Scry Spells, the Difficulty is 2d4.

On a Success, you will know basic details, such as the names appropriate spells cast within a dozen paces of where you stand, in the last five minutes (or that are currently active). On an Overwhelming Success, you will know the names of any Delayed Spells within a dozen paces of you, and of all appropriate spells cast in the last 24 hours. On an Overwhelming Failure or Botch, you may be given misinformation, at the Host's option.

p. 150 In the listing under "Strength Test", replace "Lift Bonus dice" with "Strength Dice".
p. 155 The second sentence should read that the Game Host rolls 6d6, not 4d12.
p. 161 Change the "Charge" text to read as follows:

"A Charge is a berserker-type attack, when a combatant runs headlong at a foe, heedless of danger. A combatant who Charges can move their Dash distance in paces (instead of their Stride); after the Charge, the combatant is automatically sent Reeling (see page 164.)"

Rename "Covering Up" to "Guarding".

Under "Covering Up," the first example should list that Mulciber gains two Bonuses, not one, for covering up. The dice improvements are listed correctly.
p. 167 The first bold face paragraph should read as follows:

Each character, PC and NPC, rolls their Initiative. (Characters who are Reeling [q.v.] do not roll Initiative). Your default Initiative dice is your Speed Dice and Mind Dice (and Quickness Dice, if any.)

p. 168 In the "Leaping to your Feat" section, replace the text "At the beginning of the round, when a combatant is asked if they are 'Covering Up'..." with "When a combatant first declares their Maneuver for the Round..."

The last line references a "Miniature" column, which was omitted. For completists:
Position Miniature
Standing On base
Kneeling Lying down, face up
Lying Down Lying down, face down
Flying On base, on a "flight stand" such as an unused die
Falling Lying down, on a "flight stand"
Off-Balance With a red "Reeling" counter
p. 170 In the Melee Combat Maneuvers table, under "Cover Up," change the Defense entry to say +2 Bonus, not +1 Bonus.
p. 171 The "Disastrous Failure" result says one may roll on a "Combat Botch Table". This was not included in the rules, but may be downloaded separately at:
p. 172 Change all Range Dice to d10s. (Short is d10, Medium is 2d10, Long is 3d10, eXtreme is 4d10.)
p. 182 The "Resolve Test Dice" is written confusingly. "Resolve" is used as shorthand for all Resolve Dice – this includes Resolve Skill Dice, Will Trait Dice, and any other Traits that may apply. ("Willpower" should be changed to "Will".)
p. 184 In the second paragraph, the first sentence should read, "When rolling vs. Death, you must make a separate test for each Wound you take at -6 and below", not -3.

The last line at the bottom of the page is the first line of the table on p. 185.
p. 185 For First Aid, the "default" difficulty is 2d6.

The last line at the bottom of the page is the first line of the table on p. 186.
p. 189 Delete the entire paragraph under "Defending Against Grapples." A combatant may use the standard Parry, Block, or Dodge vs. a Grapple.
p. 190 In the listing under Weapon Grab, replace "Lift Bonus dice" with "Strength Dice".
p. 197 In the example of Explosion spells, delete the sentence "Explosions also ignore Shield Dice." Eliminate the reference to Hendrick's "extra d4 for Favored Use". This rule is listed incorrectly. (As per the errata on p. 10, Favored Use does not give extra dice but instead permits the re-roll of any one single die showing "1".) Also, Fireballs only do 4d10 damage. Change the example to read as follows:

Example: Saruna loses patience with Hendrick's delaying ruse and throws a Fireball at him. The Fireball is an Exploding Spell; Hendrick's only defense is to Dodge.

Saruna rolls her 4d10 Damage Dice, which come up 9, 7, 4, and 2.

Hendrick rolls both his Dodge Dice and his Soak Dice. His Dodge Dice is his Speed Die of d12, and his Skill Dice of d10. His Soak Dice is his Natural Soak Die of d6 and his Armor die of d8. Hendrick gets to roll d12, d10, d8, and d6.

Hendrick rolls his dice and they come up 6, 3, 3, and 1. However, Hendrick has a Favored Use on his Dodge Skill of "against Magic" – this entitles him to re-roll one of his 1's. (It doesn't matter which die came up "1" – he gets to re-roll one of them.) On his re-roll, Hedrick scores 6, 5, 3, and 3.

As a Damage Roll, Saruna has scored 3 hits. Hendrick must test his Resolve vs. 9.

p. 199 Under "Summary of Spell Types", "Delayed" should read "Maneuver", not "Defense." (While it is true that the "Delay" spell on p. 236 allows you to release a spell later as a Defense, the casting of a Delayed Spell is still a Maneuver.)
p. 202 In the Elemental descriptions, "complete mastery" is the same as "being Adept" – Elementals never need roll to cast their spells.

The Sylph is given a Will of d6 and Air Elemental Trait of d8, so its Magic Points should be (6+8) 14 points, not 16.
p. 210 The spell "Lightning Bolt" is of type "Targeted", not "Attack."
p. 211 The spell "Stone Hurlant" is of type "Targeted", not "Attack."
p. 212 The spell "Pilum of Fire" does 3d12 damage, the same as its Effect Dice. Eliminate the phrase "Wizard Dice" from the To-Hit Roll; The "Elementalist" Career Dice do not apply to To-Hit Rolls with Targeted Spells.

The spell "Freeze Arrow" is of type "Targeted", not "Attack."
p. 220 The spell "Healing II" has an Effect of "Heal a character as a 3d6 attack vs. Body" – the listed Effect Dice and Description are correct.
p. 236, 239 Under "Dispel Magic II", change the phrase "Hold your action" to "use Focus". "Holding your action" and "using Focus" are the same thing.
p. 237 The Difficulty Dice and Effect Dice for Lesser Counter-Spell is 3d10, not 3d12.

Replace the description of the "Severance" spell with the following:

This spell has two uses. The first is that you can use this spell to sever any or all Synecdoche links to your target. You can either specify which links you want to sever (but each link must be known to you, and the spell will interpret your requests literally), or you may sever all links, known or unknown.

Secondly, you may also use this spell to remove Delayed Spells on the target. Doing so immediately dispels (and does not release) those Delayed Spells. Unless those Delayed Spells are your own, you must make a roll of your Thaumaturge Trait vs. the appropriate Wizard Trait of the caster of the Delayed Spell; if you Succeed, the Delayed Spell is dispelled; roll separately for each spell.

You may cast this spell on another combatant, to attempt to remove Delayed Spells from their person, such as "Lazarus Heart", "Benediction", "Lesser Facility", any spells made Delayed through meta-magic spells, etc. If you don't know what those Delayed Spells are, you will have to specify "all links", thus severing all Synecdoche and Delayed Spells on the target.

For purposes of removing Delayed Spells, Severance works on a single target, be that a combatant, an item, an area, etc. For example, if Mavra is carrying a sword with a Bound Fire Elemental (through use of the spell Bind Salamander), you must specific whether you are casting Severance on Mavra or the sword, but not both.

This spell does not affect continuing magical effects, such as Confusion, Fear, etc. – use a Cure spell or a Dispel Magic to remove those effects.

p. 239 The Difficulty Dice for Lesser Counter-Spell is 3d10, not 3d12. The Effect Dice for Greater Counter-Spell is 6d10, not 3d12.
p. 240 Change the description of "Reflect" to read as follows:

This spell is like Counter-Spell, only more dramatic. You may only cast this spell when someone else is casting a spell at someone you can see or is releasing the effects of a Delayed spell; Reflect does not affect magic of duration or Delayed Spells not yet released.

Roll a contest of your Thaumaturgy Trait vs. the appropriate Wizard Trait of the caster of the spell you want to Reflect. On a Success, the spell not only does not reach its intended target, it is instead directed back at its caster! The caster must make all resistance rolls, Defense rolls, etc. as appropriate.

The Scope of the Reflected spell is always centered on the original caster. If the spell affects a Cluster, it affects all within three paces of the original caster; if the spell affects a Group, the only viable target is the original caster.

On a Tie, the spell does not reach its intended target, but is instead directed at someone else, at random. The Game Host can roll dice, draw lots, or choose an appropriate target.

p. 243 Under both "Atavist-Wizard" and "Thaumaturge", change the spell "Detect Magic" to the spell "Scry Magic I"
p. 293 Dr. Ostler has a Soak of only d4, not d6.
p. 294 Both Gregor and Kitaro have a Strength of d8, not d6.
p. 305 The "Necromancer" Career is not detailed. It applies to Black Magic Lore, Literacy, and Meditation, similar to other Wizard Careers.
p. 306 Clarification: Black Magic starts on an odd page so the Game Host may show the spells to the Players without them seeing the "Hidden Risk" rules.
p. 308 For the spell "Black Bargain", the Effect should read "Compare your Casting Roll vs. 6d6 to earn Magic Points", not 3d6.
p. 310 The description of the spell "Curse III" should refer to "Curse I", not "Cure I."
p. 316 The Quarter-Stone Crossbow, when loaded by hand, only needs a Lift Bonus of 3, not 5.
Character Sheet A revised character sheet can be found at:
Appendix The "States" Appendix was omitted. It can be found at:

Rinaldi (SGP1002)

p. 63

The calendar comparison is inaccurate. A revised comparison is presented here:

Conversion of S'allumer Calendar to Doloreaux Calendar
Yule 1-31 31 days Birch 6 – Rowan 8 31 days
Snow 1-28 28 days Rowan 9 – Ash 8 28 days
Sap 1-31 31 days Ash 9 – Alder 11 31 days
Grass 1-30 30 days Alder 12 – Willow 13 30 days
Flower 1-31 31 days Willow 14 – Hawthorn 16 31 days
Strawberry 1-30 30 days Hawthorn 17 – Oak 18 30 days
Thunder 1-31 31 days Oak 19 – Holly 21 31 days
Green 1-31 31 days Holly 23 – Hazel 24 31 days
Harvest 1-30 30 days Hazel 25 – Vine 26 30 days
Hunter's 1-31 31 days Vine 27 – Reed 1 31 days
Frost 1-30 30 days Reed 2 – Elder 3 30 days
Night 1-31 31 days Elder 4 – Birch 5 31 days (including Secret day)
Conversion of Doloreaux Calendar to S'allumer Calendar
Birch 1-28 28 days Night 24 – Yule 20 28 days
Rowan 1-28 28 days Yule 21 – Snow 17 28 days
Ash 1-28 28 days Snow 18 – Sap 17 28 days
Alder 1-28 28 days Sap 18 – Grass 14 28 days
Willow 1-28 28 days Grass 15 – Flower 12 28 days
Hawthorn 1-28 28 days Flower 13 – Strawberry 9 28 days
Oak 1-28 28 days Strawberry 10 – Thunder 7 28 days
Holly 1-28 28 days Thunder 8 – Green 4 28 days
Hazel 1-28 28 days Green 5 – Harvest 1 28 days
Vine 1-28 28 days Harvest 2-29 28 days
Ivy 1-28 28 days Harvest 30 – Hunter's 27 28 days
Reed 1-28 28 days Hunter's 28 – Frost 24 28 days
Elder 1-28 28 days Frost 25 – Night 22 28 days
Secret of the Unhewn Stone 1 day Night 23 1 day

Doloreaux (SGP1003)

p. 55 Letya's Soak should be d6, not d8
p. 81 Doctor Plith's Soak and Strength are d6, not d8
p. 82 Maxim Bauer's Soak is d12, not d8
p. 83 Hilliam Luce's Soak is d6, not d8

Phelan (SGP1004)

p. 1 Ursula's last name is Husted, not Hedges.