Summary of Careers

Note: "Wizardly" Career Traits add to your starting Magic points (q.v. Ironclaw, p. 194)

Career Requirements Applies to... Wizardly? Page
Apothecary none Haggling, Literacy, Medicine, Lore: Poisons no p. 54
Archeologist none Cartography, Navigation, (Lore of choice), Traps no p. 54
Artisan none (Craft skill of choice), Psychology, Haggling, Literacy no p. 56
Ascetic Flaw of Poverty (-4 points) Hiking, Literacy, Resolve, Theology no p. 49
Bandit none Intimidation, Stealth, Streetwise, Tactics no p. 50
Bawd none Bribery, Carousing, Fast-Talk, Streetwise no p. 50
Beggar none Fast-Talk, Observation, Stealth, Streetwise no p. 51
Boatman none Boating, Observation, Streetwise, Swimming no p. 56
Bodyguard none Observation, Psychology, Shield, Sixth Sense no p. 60
Bounty Hunter none (Weapon of choice), Shadowing, Streetwise, Tracking no p. 60
Burglar none Climbing, Streetwise, Stealth, Traps no p. 51
Cavalier Gift of Nobility (1 point or more) Lore: Heraldry, Riding, Shield, Sword no p. 54
Charlatan none Fast-Talk, Forgery, Psychology, Streetwise no p. 51
Cleric none Literacy, Meditation, Theology White Magic Apprentice (p. 217) p. 64
Coachman none Animal Handling, Carpentry Trade, Geography, Trade: Teamster no p. 56
Dilettante Gift of Nobility (1 point or more) Etiquette, Fencing, Lore: Heraldry, Literacy no p. 54
Dragoon none Gun, Gunsmith, Resolve, Sword no p. 60
Elementalist none Literacy, Lore: Elementalist Magic, Meditation Elementalist Apprentice (p. 205) p. 64
Engineer none Craft: Architecture, Trade: Carpentry, Ciphering, Craft: Stonemasonry no p. 55
Entertainer none (Entertainment skill of choice), Fast-Talk, Psychology, Performance no p. 56
Exciseman none Ciphering, Fast-Talk, Literacy, Psychology no p. 57
Farmer none Animal Handling, Farming Trade, Hiking, Weather Sense no p. 57
Fence none Ciphering, Forgery, Haggling, Streetwise no p. 51
Fisherman none Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Weather Sense no p. 57
Friar Gift of Hospitality (2 points) Hiking, Literacy, Oratory, Theology no p. 49
Gambler none Ciphering, Fast-Talk, Gambling, Psychology no p. 51
Green and Purple Mage none Literacy, Lore: Green and Purple Magic, Meditation Green & Purple Apprentice (p. 224) p. 64
Herdsman none Animal Handling, Observation, Tracking, Weather Sense no p. 57
Highwayman none Fencing, Gun, Etiquette, Riding no p. 52
Homeopath none First Aid, Herbalism, Medicine, Survival no p. 55
Hunter none Bow, Stealth, Survival, Tracking no p. 60
Jailer none Intimidation, Observation, Psychology, Wrestling no p. 60
Judicial Champion none All melee weapons no p. 61
Laborer none Brawling, Carousing, Carpentry Trade, Stonemasonry Trade no p. 57
Marine none (weapon of choice), Carousing, Resolve, Swimming no p. 61
Mercenary none (weapon of choice), Haggling, Resolve, Shield no p. 61
Merchant none Administration, Bribery, Ciphering, Literacy no p. 57
Messenger none Geography, Lore: Heraldry, Hiking, Observation no p. 58
Monk Gift of Hospitality (2 points), Flaw of Poverty (-4 points) (one Craft skill), First Aid, Literacy, Theology no p. 50
Navigator none Astronomy, Ciphering, Literacy, Navigation no p. 55
Necromancer special permission from the Game Host Literacy, Lore: Black Magic, Meditation Black Magic Apprentice (p. 306) secret
Ostler none Animal Handling, Lore: Heraldry, Riding, Trade: Teamster no p. 58
Outrider none Lore: Heraldry, Navigation, Observation, Riding no p. 61
Paladin none (weapon of choice), Literacy, Resolve, Theology no p. 50
Peddler none (Trade skill of choice), Haggling, Streetwise, Trade: Teamster no p. 58
Pickpocket none Fast-Talk, Holdout, Pickpocket, Stealth no p. 52
Pit Fighter none Brawling, Carousing, First Aid, Resolve no p. 61
Prospector none Cartography, Navigation, Craft: Prospecting, Survival no p. 55
Racketeer none Brawling, Intimidation, Streetwise, Torture no p. 52
Ranger none Bow, Hiking, Navigation, Tracking no p. 62
Resurrectionist none Bribery, Stealth, Streetwise, Traps no p. 52
Road Warden none Observation, Riding, Tactics, Tracking no p. 62
Robber none (Weapon of choice), Intimidation, Streetwise, Stealth no p. 52
Rustler none Animal Handling, Intimidation, Riding, Trade: Teamster no p. 53
Sailor none Carousing, Navigation, Boating, Swimming no p. 58
Scholar none (Language of choice), (Lore of choice), Ciphering, Literacy no p. 55
Scout none Cartography, Hiking, Navigation, Observation no p. 62
Scribe none Craft: Calligraphy, Ciphering, Lore: Heraldry, Literacy no p. 55
Seer none Astronomy, Augury, Psychology, Sixth Sense no p. 56
Servant none Etiquette, Fast-Talk, Lore: Heraldry, Psychology no p. 58
Slaver none Haggling, Intimidation, Psychology, Torture no p. 53
Smuggler none Camouflage, Fast-Talk, Haggling, Streetwise no p. 53
Soldier none Hiking, Resolve, Spear, Shield no p. 62
Solicitor none Bribery, Etiquette, Lore: Law, Literacy no p. 58
Spy none Cryptography, Disguise, Fast-Talk, Streetwise no p. 53
Thaumaturge none Literacy, Lore: Magic, Meditation Thaumaturgy Apprentice (p. 234) p. 64
Toll Keeper none Bribery, Haggling, Lore: Law, Observation no p. 62
Torturer none First Aid, Intimidation, Psychology, Torture no p. 59
Trader none Bribery, Fast-Talk, Haggling, Trade: Teamster no p. 59
Trapper none Haggling, Hiking, Survival, Traps no p. 59
Vermin Catcher none Resolve, Spear, Tracking, Traps no p. 59
Watchman none Brawling, Intimidation, Observation, Tactics no p. 63
Witch Hunter none Lore: Magic, Observation, Resolve, Sixth Sense no p. 63

How To Make Your Own Career

  1. What's the name of the Career? What sort of function does it fill in society?
  2. Is the Career too similar to another Career already made? What makes this Career "different"?
  3. What four skills would the Career apply to? Do these choices make sense? (For example, a Career that applies to Dodge – the Skill of avoiding pain – probably shouldn't apply to Resolve – the Skill of withstanding pain.)
  4. Have you asked the other Players and the Game Host what they think of the Career?