Anthrocon 2019: Here Be Monsters

Thanks to everyone who made Anthrocon 2019 into a monstrous success! This year saw the debut of IRONCLAW’s Book of Monsters by Tempe O’Kun, Ursula Vernon, and the proverbial more.

Anthrocon 2019: Sanguine Table

L-R: Norman Rafferty, Tempe O’Kun

We had such overwhelming response this year that we sold out of almost all our titles! But don’t despair, you can order all of our books, including the new Book of Monsters, from many fine retailers such as DriveThruRPG.

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IRONCLAW 20th Anniversary Celebration at

For the high has to come from the low, as volcanoes burst through the snow… in 1999, IRONCLAW: Anthropomorphic Fantasy Role-Play debuted at Origins Game Fair Expo, DragonCon, and a few other places. Sanguine Games’ flagship product came into this world, with teeth bared and steel drawn. Magic, gunpowder, nobles, priestesses, monsters, heroes, and more, all in the debut. Ironclaw wasn’t just about playing a character, it was about playing your character, where you made the hero you wanted to see in the world.  A leader in its field, Ironclaw would later receive a GenCon Award in recognition of its outreach to new and to under-represented gamers.

Two decades on, and Ironclaw remains a leader in gaming. Squaring the Circle: 2nd edition added more options, more setting, and more stories, while streamlining play to make these things happen at a modern pace. (It’s both smaller and bigger at the same time, how does that work?)  There may be games that are like it, but there is no game that is Ironclaw.

Now you can experience the history for yourself. Sanguine Game has partnered with Bundle of Holding to offer a full retrospective of the Ironclaw gaming line.  Any pledge to receive all the books of the Ironclaw 1st edition, which ran from 1999 to 2005. Pledge more, and you can receive the complete 2nd edition, including the core Omnibus edition that has all you need to play.

This Bundle of Holding package is only for a limited time, so don’t miss out. These twentieth anniversaries don’t come every year! And thank you for your support over these few decades. It’s people like you that keep independent publishers like us alive, long enough to buy beer and to rent a car.

Tap here for the Ironclaw 20th Anniversary Celebration on .

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Midwest Furfest 2018: Never Let Capitalization and Spacing Hold You Back

Our table at Midwest Furfest 2018, with Norman Rafferty and his “burner phone” for making the good deals

Post-Midwest Furfest Sales-a-bration!

Thanks to your support, and to our partners at, we’ve had record sales this year. Come celebrate with us with all our DriveThruRPG digital titles marked down for a limited time! Read more on “Midwest Furfest 2018: Never Let Capitalization and Spacing Hold You Back” »

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It’s been a long time in the making, but it’s finally happening. We’ve assembled a dream team of your old favorites and some new voices for the most strange and fantastic Ironclaw yet!  From stories about characters in Calabria and voyages thither, to new menaces lurking in the dark corners of undiscovered country.

Learn more about the Monsters and Legend project by tapping this link. Pledge now for unique rewards!

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Anthrocon 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA: You can’t spell “Pierogi” without R, P, and G

Anthrocon was a huge success this year! Thanks to everyone who came by to see our panels on how to self-publish (hosted by M.C.A. Hogarth and Norman Rafferty). The landscape is always changing and there were lots of good questions. Also a big thanks to everyone who showed up at our gaming demonstrations. And to the staff who ran everything. And everyone else. Really, a great show.

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Origins Game Fair and Expo – Where the Lines are Short and the Skies are Blue

Thanks to everyone who came by to see us at the Origins Game Fair! Once again, our “How to Self-Publish” panel was a great success. Lots of interesting questions, and we always have new stuff to learn. Here’s some materials from our presentation, always being updated as we learn new things.

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Platinum Celebration – All IRONCLAW titles 33% off

Ironclaw: Anthropomorphic Fantasy Role-Play has achieved platinum status on! And several other titles have hit gold status. Celebrate with us like rock stars — all IRONCLAW titles are 33% off for the rest of March!

If you’ve got holes in your collection, now’s the time to fill them. Come see what thousands of people have chosen for their fantasy game of choice! Play a character off the rack, or customize to your heart’s content with thousands of options from the savage to the scientific, from the magical to the martial arts, from the pagan to the ordained, from the noble to the outlaw. Ironclaw helps you and your fellow players work together to tell the story you want to tell.

The Ironclaw Platinum Celebration ends when the fools show up and ruin everything, so tap here to get yours today. And to everyone who helped us get to where we are today, thank you for your support.

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