BOOK OF FOOLS pricing creatively expanded to $750,000

Posted by Imperator • April 1st, 2023

See the summer lightning cast its bolts upon you as the hour of judgement draws near! Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armor while the wiser man rushes clear?

In a strategic move to help grow role-playing games and to expand them creatively, the price of Book of Fools has been expanded from “free” to “$750,000”.

David Manning, popular spokesperson, had this to say: “Ironclaw is not going away. You will still be able to game with all your friends. You’ll just have to pay more money to do so. A lot more.” He later added: “We have never intended to subsidize our competitors. ‘Embrace, extend, extinguish’ is a time-honored tradition in business, and it’s about time we sent a clear message to our community about what our ultimate goal is. And what it’s always been.”

When asked about the users who have already downloaded Book of Fools for free, Manning elaborated that those customers will be expected to pay “20% to 25% in royalties”, but was not clear on exactly what that meant or how that would be collected or enforced.

When asked if this would have an impact on how Ironclaw games would be streamed in the future, one influencer stated that they hope this will all blow over soon and that no one will remember this ever happened.

You can order Book of Fools from our DriveThruRPG website. Though you might want to wait, in case we change our minds about this.