MYRIAD SONG, Role-Play Adventure on Ten Thousand Worlds, Now Available

Posted by Imperator • September 10th, 2013

In the darkness of ages past, our universe was visited by aliens strange and unknowable. They enslaved hundreds of people and they conquered thousands of worlds. Their empire became known as the Myriad Syndicate, and they were called the Syndics.  For untold generations, the Myriad people served them, and worlds were stripped of all resources, and left barren and dead. Pollution was rampant – some planets became furnaces of waste heat and greenhouse gasses, while others became poisoned, radioactive wastelands. Many resented the rule of the Syndics, but no uprising was successful for long.

And then, a century ago, the Syndics were gone. Did they retreat to another universe? Are they hiding on undiscovered worlds, in radio silence? Interplanetary factions spread their philosophy from place to place. The Solar Creed offers the people free energy . . . at the price of their freedom and liberty. The technologists of the Concord push forward with their new science, for better or for ill. The Averlini Merchant Group promises greater wealth . . . by indenturing people in ways more oppressive than the Syndics ever did. Strange alien masters, such as the Malmignatti Queen and the Colligatarch of Apparat, threaten the livelihood of millions of people across the ten thousand worlds. And what mysterious dangers lurk in the unknown voids of space?

A complete game in one volume, Myriad Song is a science-fiction adventure where you will play as a brave adventurer traveling in the strange legacy of an alien empire. You will travel to primitive worlds with savage monsters . . . to high-tech stations of amazing technology . . . to derelict worlds where people scrounge out a living among the ruins . . . and to places far stranger. You will find lost treasures . . . and you will find horrors best forgotten. The risks are great, but the rewards are greater. Are you ready to heed the siren song of the further stars?

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