EUMORPHICA Transhuman Spacefaring Role-Play: Pledge Now for Unique Rewards!

Eumorphica: Transhuman Spacefaring Role-Play includes a variety of characters, from naturals to cyborgs to chimeras to zettatechs and beyond.

Beyond the sky, beyond what’s known, beyond what was possible… join us on an odyssey of discovery that will take you not just to the stars but also to the heart of your self.

Built upon the same engine as Ironclaw, Myriad Song, Urban Jungle, and Vital Hearts, this new game is designed to work with you, not beside you. Safety tools, narrative device, and game mechanics all blend together, in an ontological future where physical form and intelligent design are one. Be the change you want to see in the universe!

Eumorphica will be crafted by a stellar team of creators, some new and some returning from Sanguine’s previous games. There are limited opportunities available to include an illustration of your own transcendent character that you design!

Pledge now for your own copy, unique rewards, special deals on copies of more books, and the proverbial more! And thank you for supporting independent gaming.

Tap here to learn more and to get your own EUMORPHICA rewards.

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Anthrocon 2022

Anthrocon 2022 - Table P11 - Sanguine GamesThanks to everyone who came by our table at Anthrocon 2022! It was great to discover that Pittsburgh was right where we left it, right there in the middle of the street and everything.

If you’re here to redeem a promo card from one of the lobby cards, tap this link.

We were happy to show off our new titles, such as the action/horror RPG ABYSS, and there’s more stuff on the way! You can order our stuff from DriveThruRPG and Studio 2, as well as many other fine retailers and hobby stores. We’re eager to get back to work and we have such sights to show you!

Thanks to everyone who came to our long-running panel on how to self-publish. We’ve got more material in the post under this link. And be sure to drop us a line when your project is live! We’d love to hear from you.

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This just in: Internet is still a thing

Our director, Jason Holmgren, was interviewed by Geek Native. You can read the interview by tapping this link.

GenCon is this coming weekend. If you’re not attending, you can view on Sunday (19-Sep-21), 1pm EST, where we’ll be presenting “DIY 101: How to Self-Publish”, newly updated for this modern age.

Experts are still divided on whether the Internet is a passing fad or is already considered passe. You can supplement the discourse on the official Sanguine Discord.

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BOOK OF FOOLS is now perfectly fungible

We are the designers of Sanguine Games. We love to make games. Years ago, we invented the BOOK OF FOOLS. After reflecting on its fungible majesty, we realized that BOOK OF FOOLS was so fungible, other people could share it with others. This revelation inspired us to laugh out loud like so: HAH!

Tap here to get your own copy of BOOK OF FOOLS. Your copy will be yours, as actual media that you get to keep, and definitely not as some kind of scam to get people to chase higher and higher prices for tulips while burning the gross national product of Argentina. And this book is all ready to go, with no strange secret add-ons that will make the whole thing unavailable when everyone suddenly becomes uncomfortable with misrepresentation slipped in at the last minute, on the sly. We don’t fool around.

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ABYSS: Action/Horror Role-Playing Powered By the Apocalypse

The world has secrets in remote corners. Horrors from out of time. Devils that are out for blood. Monsters that feed upon the helpless, in ways beyond mortal understanding. Only a select few have the knowledge or the power to fight the supernatural, and the responsibility to protect the innocent falls upon your shoulders.

But within every heart lurks a shadow. The forces that cultivate hate, that prey upon greed, that induce fear and terror… they are not just out there, they are within you. Can you fight with monsters without becoming one yourself?

Now in crowd-funding, you can pledge now for your own custom artwork, for unique deals on other games, and the proverbial more! Tap here to gaze into the heart of darkness…

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DIY 101: Self Publishing for Beginners

Thanks to everyone who came to our stream on! We’ve archived some of the information here.

Our Slide Show Presentation:

Tap here to see lots of slides detailing the finer points, including some we didn’t have time for. Whether you’re making a book, a game, a novel, or a program, the same fundamentals apply to all. This slide-show is frequently updated as we learn new things, along with you.

Budget Worksheet:
To better assist you in your budgeting, we’ve uploaded a spreadsheet to address the questions you had from the panel. Tap here to view our worksheet on Google Drive. Edit the values in the yellow cells until you get a project with a goal that you can meet.

Sample Work-for-Hire Contract:
We’ve also added a sample work-for-hire contract, that you can use with your outsourced talent. Note: we’re not attorneys. Tap here to view this contract on Google Drive. We use the basics of this contract when we work with our talent. Specific, written agreements are always better than some vague words, to make sure that everyone’s getting fair treatment. There’s lots of commentary in this file on what we would change, and for what.

Other Useful Links:
Video of Anthrocon 2018’s self-publishing panel, with MCA Hogarth and Norman Rafferty (Youtube)
How to write a press release (Gamasutra)
A Primer on Intellectual Property (BoozyBarrister)
The E-Myth Templates, to help with various business concerns
MCA Hogarth’s Non-Fiction Books about the self-publishing experience
Furry Writers’ Guild

Do you have more questions? Write to us at!

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