BOOK OF FOOLS is now perfectly fungible

Posted by Imperator • April 1st, 2021

We are the designers of Sanguine Games. We love to make games. Years ago, we invented the BOOK OF FOOLS. After reflecting on its fungible majesty, we realized that BOOK OF FOOLS was so fungible, other people could share it with others. This revelation inspired us to laugh out loud like so: HAH!

Tap here to get your own copy of BOOK OF FOOLS. Your copy will be yours, as actual media that you get to keep, and definitely not as some kind of scam to get people to chase higher and higher prices for tulips while burning the gross national product of Argentina. And this book is all ready to go, with no strange secret add-ons that will make the whole thing unavailable when everyone suddenly becomes uncomfortable with misrepresentation slipped in at the last minute, on the sly. We don’t fool around.