Post-Convention Update

Posted by Imperator • December 8th, 2023

We came back with our shield, not on it! This year was a mix of favorite haunts and new frontiers. We’ve met some wonderful people, and we’re looking forward to what wonderful stuff that you’ll be making to share with us! Now it’s back to work for us as we get our next few projects out the door.

And thanks to everyone who attended our game demonstrations and our panels! Please find below some of the links that we mentioned in our talks. It’s not easy making your dreams come true, but if we all work together, we can float all our boats higher! Enjoy the present while we hope for the future.

Budget Worksheet:
To better assist you in your budgeting, we’ve uploaded a spreadsheet to address the questions you had from the panel. Tap here to view our worksheet on Google Drive. Edit the values in the yellow cells until you get a project with a goal that you can meet.

Sample Work-for-Hire Contract:
We’ve also added a sample work-for-hire contract, that you can use with your outsourced talent. Note: we’re not attorneys. Tap here to view this contract on Google Drive. We use the basics of this contract when we work with our talent. Specific, written agreements are always better than some vague words, to make sure that everyone’s getting fair treatment. There’s lots of commentary in this file on what we would change, and for what.

Other Useful Links:
Video of Anthrocon 2018’s self-publishing panel, with MCA Hogarth and Norman Rafferty (Youtube)
How to write a press release (Gamasutra)
A Primer on Intellectual Property (BoozyBarrister)
The E-Myth Templates, to help with various business concerns
MCA Hogarth’s Non-Fiction Books about the self-publishing experience
Furry Writers’ Guild