MYRIAD DOOM, the conclusion to the Myriad Novels trilogy, now available

Posted by Imperator • August 1st, 2016

Myriad Doom coverBack in 2013, we were finally able to realize our dream to bring you a science-fiction game unlike any other. And with the help of pledges from people like you, we were able to make the Myriad Song role-playing game a reality. We were able to assemble a unique team of writers and artists, from the glory days of New Wave sci-fi to the modern era.

When Matt Howarth proposed the idea of writing more stories set among the Ten-Thousand Worlds, we were eager to press onward and ever on. With your help, we were able to publish Myriad Quest, our first graphic novel, which showed more mysteries of the strange universe, We followed up with Myriad Threat, which ended on a cliff-hanger where our heroes were more lost than ever. And now…

Now is where the past ends, and the future begins.
MYRIAD DOOM is now available

~That’s right. There’s no crowd-funding, no pledge drive. The book is available for immediate sale, right now. The book that you helped make, available for a single click.

  • The exciting conclusion reveals the true purpose behind the Syndic’s hoard
  • We learn the fates of Rhys and Naril, as they struggle against inter-planetary organzations larger than any one might control…
  • And a cavalcade of guest stars, as all cameo characters that appeared in a previous book have a return appearance in the pages of Myriad Doom.

For a limited time, printed copies of Myriad Doom will be on sale for 20% off. You can order from by tapping this link.

If you still need to get copies of the earlier volumes, too, bundles of Myriad Quest, Threat, and Doom are available in both electronic and print form.

Myriad SongAre you new to the mysteries of the Ten-Thousand Worlds? Discover the unlimited adventure with the MYRIAD BOXED SET, which includes the Song starter game, the Aliens, expansion, and all three graphic novels. Available in both electronic and print form.

It’s been your support that transformed these books from theory into reality. Thank you for believing in our dreams of fire and star-shine.