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Farflung Blank Character Sheet: [PDF]

Farflung Playbooks: [PDF, legal or foolscap, grayscale)]



Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle

Ironclaw: Squaring the Circle Preview [PDF]
Check out some sample pages of the game, yourself!

Character Sheet: [PDF]
Sample Characters: [PDF]
Check out our sample characters, or make your own.

Random Adversary Generator [HTML Javascript]
Random Encounter Generator [HTML Javascript]
Game Hosts may find these random generators useful for giving them ideas.



Myriad SongMyriad Song

Myriad Song – Preview [PDF]
Some sample pages from this table-top game of sci-fi adventure on 10,000 worlds.

Character Sheet [PDF]
Sample Characters [PDF]
Check out our sample characters, or make your own.


1940211Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle Character Sheet [PDF – Black] [PDF – Cyan]

Urban Jungle Random Character Generator [HTML Javascript]


All downloads beyond this point are meant for Ironclaw Legacy, or other previous Sanguine products.

What, the game isn’t perfect? Well, we did our darndest, but here’s a few things we missed.

Character Sheets
Here you can download character sheets for our games.

  • Ironclaw Legacy Character Sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Jadeclaw Legacy Character Sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Albedo Character Sheet [PDF][PNG]
  • Usagi Character Sheet [PDF][PNG]

Bite Mark Ezine
Our semi-regular ezine, in PDF format!

Yahoo Group Files
If you’ve signed up for our mailing list, you can review the uploaded files at:

Supplemental Downloads

Character Creation Summary
This 14-page document breaks down the Ironclaw Legacy character creation process, with your helpful guides, Mavra and Hendrick.

Summary Sheets
Printable summary sheets for Ironclaw Legacy to help you cross-index the book better

Appendix: States
Some points of the text refer to a “States” appendix, which was cut out of the final book. That appendix is now available here, in PDF, and HTML formats.

Optional Combat Rules
These are some rules that were still in playtest when we went to press, and will probably see the light in other supplements. We’re encouraging folks to give us feedback on how they influence their games. You can download them in either PDF, and HTML formats.

Combat Tables
Due to their complexity, these Optional “Combat Tables” for Overwhelming To-Hit Rolls and Botched To-Hit Rolls were not included in the basic book. You can download them here in PDF, and HTML formats.

Game Master Screen
You can print these screens out and paste them to cardboard. Or you can use them as inserts in your screen.

Cardboard Standups
Just like the ones we’ve been showing off at our convention booths recently, you too can print out and make these nifty little standups. PDF format only, I’m afraid.

Fun Stuff

Download the nifty-keen Ironclaw font, HERE.

How To Host A Game
It’s raw! It’s pure! It’s Frederick Stanton’s advice on Hosting a Game! This text was the rough draft of the How to Host a Game chapter that made it into the March 2001 reprint of Ironclaw, and the first edition of Jadeclaw. You can download it in PDF, and HTML formats.

Writer’s Guidelines
Originally for internal eyes only, this document has some nifty advice that I think others might wanna see. You can download it in PDF, and HTML formats.