VITAL HEARTS: Isekai Role-Play in Augmented Reality now taking pledges

Posted by Imperator • January 17th, 2018

Sanguine Productions is proud to announce the crowd-funding for Vital Hearts, the tabletop game of augmented reality.



In a near-future Japan, all anyone can talk about is the NIE system, an augmented-reality system far more advanced than anything else on the market. Desperate for a new hit, the Zakuro Games Company launches Vital Hearts Online to a trial audience in Kansai Science City. Those lucky enough to get an account are amazed by life-like graphics, dynamic game-play, and an immersive experience beyond theri wildest dreams. It looks like the future of gaming has finally arrived…

… So what about those rumors going around? Does the game drive people insane? Are players being robbed, or killed, just for their headsets? Is this a smear campaign, or a publicity stunt? Or is there really something going on inside the game?

Sanguine Games has teamed up with Gunship Revolution to give this game its unique look

Using our Cardinal engine (Ironclaw, Myriad Song, Urban Jungle), Vital Hearts has you leveling up in three key traits: your RL character who goes about their school or work… your VR character in a strange reality of monsters and magic… and the Meta that bridges both. Spend your experience to buy practical skills, or concentrate on in-game abilities to get better techs — and find ways to enhance both, because it just might be that what’s happening in the digital programs is augmented something dark and singular in your own world.

Vital Hearts will be presented in four separate books:

  • Free Trial download with all you need to start your own game
  • Starter Book with character generation rules, monsters, magic, and details to run your own MMO-themed fantasy
  • Administrator’s Manual for the Game Host’s eyes only, the mystery at the heart of this strange game
  • Expansion Book with advanced campaign options for higher-level games.

We’ve got a few more secrets… but if you just can’t wait, our dream-supporter Raktus has been kind enough to post videos of our playtests on Youtube. Warning: the more you watch, the more spoilers you’ll see.

It’s your support that makes these dreams possible. We’re always eager to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming, and we’re excited to bring you this next generation in role-play.

Tap here to pledge to VITAL HEARTS for custom artwork and other rewards.