Anthrocon 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA: You can’t spell “Pierogi” without R, P, and G

Posted by Imperator • July 10th, 2018

Anthrocon was a huge success this year! Thanks to everyone who came by to see our panels on how to self-publish (hosted by M.C.A. Hogarth and Norman Rafferty). The landscape is always changing and there were lots of good questions. Also a big thanks to everyone who showed up at our gaming demonstrations. And to the staff who ran everything. And everyone else. Really, a great show.

Post-Anthrocon Sales-a-bration!

This was one of our best showings at Anthrocon yet, with some titles selling out before Friday was even over. Wow! But it’s not too late to complete your library. For a limited time, all sold-out titles will be available on DriveThruRPG for 25% off.  These titles include:

DIY: Resources for the Self-Publisher

At our panel, we had a lot to talk about, and people had a lot of good questions. Here’s links to the materials we presented and some of the stuff that just didn’t fit in the time allotted.

Our Slide Show Presentation:
Tap here to see lots of slides detailing the finer points, including some we didn’t have time for. Whether you’re making a book, a game, a novel, or a program, the same fundamentals apply to all. This slide-show is frequently updated as we learn new things, along with you.

Budget Worksheet:
To better assist you in your budgeting, we’ve uploaded a spreadsheet to address the questions you had from the panel. Tap here to view our worksheet on Google Drive. Edit the values in the yellow cells until you get a project with a goal that you can meet.

Sample Work-for-Hire Contract:
We’ve also added a sample work-for-hire contract, that you can use with your outsourced talent. Note: we’re not attorneys. Tap here to view this contract on Google Drive. We use the basics of this contract when we work with our talent. Specific, written agreements are always better than some vague words, to make sure that everyone’s getting fair treatment. There’s lots of commentary in this file on what we would change, and for what.

Other Useful Links:
How to write a press release (Gamasutra)
A Primer on Intellectual Property (BoozyBarrister)
The E-Myth Templates, to help with various business concerns
MCA Hogarth’s Non-Fiction Books about the self-publishing experience

Do you have more questions? Write to us at!