JADECLAW LEGACY print copies on sale for limited time

Jadeclaw LegacyOur friends over at Studio 2 Publishing have found the last remaining copies of the full-color print run of Jadeclaw, the legacy stand-alone game we made with our first crowd-funding, back before everyone just called it “Kickstartering”. There’s only a few of these left, and with our new books about to arrive, we need to make room in the warehouse.

From now until October 31st, you can order print copies of JADECLAW Legacy from Studio 2 for only $4.95 plus shipping and handling. After that, these printed copies will no longer be available for sale, anywhere. This is your last chance to get your own copy of gaming history!

Note: This sale is for the Legacy JADECLAW game, which doesn’t work with the current IRONCLAW, BOOK OF JADE, or anything else we currently print.


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MYRIAD DOOM, the conclusion to the Myriad Novels trilogy, now available

Myriad Doom coverBack in 2013, we were finally able to realize our dream to bring you a science-fiction game unlike any other. And with the help of pledges from people like you, we were able to make the Myriad Song role-playing game a reality. We were able to assemble a unique team of writers and artists, from the glory days of New Wave sci-fi to the modern era.

When Matt Howarth proposed the idea of writing more stories set among the Ten-Thousand Worlds, we were eager to press onward and ever on. With your help, we were able to publish Myriad Quest, our first graphic novel, which showed more mysteries of the strange universe, We followed up with Myriad Threat, which ended on a cliff-hanger where our heroes were more lost than ever. And now…

Now is where the past ends, and the future begins.
MYRIAD DOOM is now available

~That’s right. There’s no crowd-funding, no pledge drive. The book is available for immediate sale, right now. The book that you helped make, available for a single click.

  • The exciting conclusion reveals the true purpose behind the Syndic’s hoard
  • We learn the fates of Rhys and Naril, as they struggle against inter-planetary organzations larger than any one might control…
  • And a cavalcade of guest stars, as all cameo characters that appeared in a previous book have a return appearance in the pages of Myriad Doom.

For a limited time, printed copies of Myriad Doom will be on sale for 20% off. You can order from OneBookShelf.com by tapping this link.

If you still need to get copies of the earlier volumes, too, bundles of Myriad Quest, Threat, and Doom are available in both electronic and print form.

Myriad SongAre you new to the mysteries of the Ten-Thousand Worlds? Discover the unlimited adventure with the MYRIAD BOXED SET, which includes the Song starter game, the Aliens, expansion, and all three graphic novels. Available in both electronic and print form.

It’s been your support that transformed these books from theory into reality. Thank you for believing in our dreams of fire and star-shine.

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Celebrate ANTHROHIO with these discounts on Sanguine Games

IMG_0173Wow, that was an amazing turn-out at AnthrOhio, way past anyone’s expectations! Thanks to the staff for inviting us to speak at our panel, and thanks to the attendees who made the event a rousing success!

We’re sorry that we didn’t have enough merchandise on hand to meet all of your needs… So for a limited time, we’ll be offering the sold-out titles with convention discounts! You must use these links, below, to claim the discounts.

These discounts are limited, so order now & before the convention buzz wears off!
Sadly, these discounts have expired. Check back early and often for more offers!

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BOOK OF FOOLS wins Reflexive Award

See the summer lightning cast its bolts upon you as the hour of judgement draws near! Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armor while the wiser man rushes clear?2015 Reflexive Award - Best RPG bookWe are proud to announce that Book of Fools is the winner of the “Best Role-Playing Game Book” from the 2015 Reflexive Awards!  This award, granted by a peer committee of our supporters, our publishers, and ourselves, is an accolade that only those with the greatest sense of worth in themselves can truly proclaim. Our greatest thanks to those who dared to look at the diverse tapestry of all other products in the field, and who then could come to no other conclusion that the best recipient was ourselves.

You too can be prepared for all eventualities. The Reflexive Awards are the only awards granted to the entertainment and the arts that are not driven by a political, social, or conspiracy-fueled agenda… because you give the award to yourself. Click here to download your own 2015 Reflexive Award. Use the image editor of your choice to fill in what category that you’ve won. There’s no limit to the number of awards that can be achieved — with the Flexxies, we’re all winners.

You can click here to order Book of Fools from DriveThruRPG.com. Celebrate our award by paying as much as you can! Every dollar you spend is a victory toward the cause.


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Kickstarter promo - Card Title for Ironclaw Horn & Ivory
The long-awaited supplement to Ironclaw is finally entering production. The Book of Horn & Ivory details the mysterious land of Akoma. From the Anatolian Empire to the Deltan Queen-in-Exile, from the mysterious desert sands to the impenetrable jungles, from the underground tombs of long-dead kings to the tallest mountains that pierce the sky, a new world of perilous adventure awaits your heros. You can learn more about the Horn & Ivory crowd-funding on the Kickstarter.com website, by clicking here.


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URBAN JUNGLE, Anthropomorphic Noire Role-Play, now taking pledges

We are excited to bring you URBAN JUNGLE, a tabletop role-playing game set in early 20th century America. Inspired by lighter fare like Cats Don’t Dance and Scrooge McDuck, and the darker stories of Blacksad and Lackadaisy. this game makes you a player in a world of pulp-adventure, hard-boiled crime, and film noir. You’ll tangle with hardened gangsters, with jaded debutantes, with world-wear war veterans, and with all kinds of shady characters. Don’t let the long whiskers and the wagging tails fool you. A smile is just another way of baring teeth.

You can pledge now for exclusive Kickstarter rewards, such as cameo illustrations of your own personal, hard-boiled characters. Click here to hear the real deal, friend.

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MYRIAD THREAT, Graphic Novel by Matt Howarth, Coming Soon…

The continuing story of Rhys and Naril, two adventurers caught up in a mystery from the fringes of forgotten space. Greenfungus - Myriad Quest 2 Kickstarter promos (Myriad Song) 21-Jul-2015After destroying a cache of Syndic hardware, Rhys has been on the run with naught but remorse for abandoning Naril. But when galactic terrorists start using what certainly seems to be Syndic technology, Rhys finds himself thrown into a wild hunt to track down these villains before they can cause more mayhem. His adventure is packed with surprises, like alien drive-bys, suns going nova, and a film crew shooting a very peculiar documentary.

From the pen of Matt Howarth (Those Annoying Post Prothers, Konny & Czu, Transmetropolitan) comes another strange story from the Ten-Thousand Worlds. There’s still time to get exclusive rewards such as experimental music, obscure graphic novels, and custom artwork from Matt Howarth himself. Click here to experience the MYRIAD THREAT adventure for yourself.

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USAGI RPG now available – all profits from sale to go to Stan Sakai

Usagi RPGBased on Stan Sakai’s Eisner-award winning comic-book series, USAGI YOJIMBO: Fantasy Role-Play is a stand-alone game set in a fantastic version of Tokugawa-era Japan. While the warring states have been brought to peace under the watchful eyes of the Shogunate, danger still abounds in the form of greedy bandits, scheming warlords, and even the supernatural. But a house that heaps evil upon evil cannot stand …

Players take on the roles of brave samurai warriors, clever schemers, wise priests, and other heroes as they battle against the forces of corruption, despair, and evil in Sakai’s fantastic blend of historical and fantastical Japan. More that a source-book for the Usagi characters and stories, this game stands apart as a combination of story-telling and role-playing — where players work together to craft tales of heroism and drama. A unique system combines simple rules for complex results — even allowing characters to trade old abilities for new ones as the world changes with them. Play along side Usagi, Tomoe, Gennosuke as they fight Lord Hikiji and his minions … or create whole new stories of your own.

All profits from sales of this game go directly to Stan Sakai, creator and artist of USAGI YOJIMBO.

You can order your copies directly from DriveThruRPG, by clicking this link.



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Time-Travel Discounts: The World Ends Yesterday And Only You Can Save Tomorrow!

ChristmasInJulyNewAd-2015-DTRPG[1]Our top-tier chronological scientists have been working round the clock to … round out the clock, as it were. While these discrepancies in the calendar are mostly undetectable to lay-persons, factors such as the rotation in the earth and variations in the chip-sets of smart watches have made it necessary to alter the fabric of time itself, and to pass the savings onto you.

Firstly, Christmas has been moved and extended to July 23-31, 2015. (Our calculations have determined that it’s impossible for one man with even nine tiny reindeer to deliver presents to all the world in anything less than 170 hours.) To subsidize any economic inconvenience you may suffer, Sanguine Games and DriveThruRPG are working together with the Christmas in July sale. Save 15% to 25% on Sanguine titles and other fine books. Click here to see the sales listings.

Ironclaw OmnibusSecondly, our scientists have determined that even though the record sales of Ironclaw merchandise at Anthrocon this month might look like good news … the growing demand started a “butterfly chain” that will cause an “eschatonic apocalypse” which has “levels of alarmism beyond all comprehension.” We urge you to not travel back in time to shoot your own grandfather. Don’t get mad at him, things were different then.  Instead, you can click on this link to order the Ironclaw Omnibus at reduced pricing, just like those salad days of yore.

These sales will only last until July 31st, so act quickly. With your help, we can make a better tomorrow before it even happens. Thank you.

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