Anthrocon 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA: You can’t spell “Pierogi” without R, P, and G

Anthrocon was a huge success this year! Thanks to everyone who came by to see our panels on how to self-publish (hosted by M.C.A. Hogarth and Norman Rafferty). The landscape is always changing and there were lots of good questions. Also a big thanks to everyone who showed up at our gaming demonstrations. And to the staff who ran everything. And everyone else. Really, a great show.

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Origins Game Fair and Expo – Where the Lines are Short and the Skies are Blue

Thanks to everyone who came by to see us at the Origins Game Fair! Once again, our “How to Self-Publish” panel was a great success. Lots of interesting questions, and we always have new stuff to learn. Here’s some materials from our presentation, always being updated as we learn new things.

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Platinum Celebration – All IRONCLAW titles 33% off

Ironclaw: Anthropomorphic Fantasy Role-Play has achieved platinum status on! And several other titles have hit gold status. Celebrate with us like rock stars — all IRONCLAW titles are 33% off for the rest of March!

If you’ve got holes in your collection, now’s the time to fill them. Come see what thousands of people have chosen for their fantasy game of choice! Play a character off the rack, or customize to your heart’s content with thousands of options from the savage to the scientific, from the magical to the martial arts, from the pagan to the ordained, from the noble to the outlaw. Ironclaw helps you and your fellow players work together to tell the story you want to tell.

The Ironclaw Platinum Celebration ends when the fools show up and ruin everything, so tap here to get yours today. And to everyone who helped us get to where we are today, thank you for your support.

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Post-Con Sellout Sale: FUR REALITY 2017

Thanks to everyone who came to FurReality 2017! We sold out of quite a few books, so for a limited time, we’ll have copies on sale! Tap these links to get the discounts.

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GenCon 50th Anniversary & DIY101 Follow-Up

Thanks to everyone who came to our panel, “DIY 101: How to Self Publish Your Game“! It was great to see so many of you, with such enthusiasm about making your own stuff!

Budget Worksheet:
To better assist you in your budgeting, we’ve uploaded a spreadsheet to address the questions you had from the panel. Tap here to view our worksheet on Google Drive.  Edit the values in the yellow cells until you get a project with a goal that you can meet.

Sample Work-for-Hire Contract:
We’ve also added a sample work-for-hire contract, that you can use with your outsourced talent. Note: we’re not attorneys. Tap here to view this contract on Google Drive. We use the basics of this contract when we work with our talent. Specific, written agreements are always better than some vague words, to make sure that everyone’s getting fair treatment. There’s lots of commentary in this file on what we would change, and for what.

Other Useful Links: various tools and advice for small business
How to write a press release (Gamasutra)
A Primer on Intellectual Property (BoozyBarrister)

Do you have more questions? Advice? Succor? Write to us at! Float all boats higher!

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Sanguine Games announces MADCAP: Table-Top Cartoon Roleplaying

Madcap Title Card 31-May-2017

Sanguine Productions is proud to announce MADCAP: Screwball Cartoon Role-Play. Based on the popular Apocalypse World engine, this game of laughs, lumps, and lunacy is designed from the ground up to be a hilarious experience unlike any other. In a cartoon world of ridiculousness, it’s not about winning — it’s about failing forward. From the classic of Bugs, Daffy, Tom and Jerry… to the revival of Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, and Freakazoid … and even onto the post-modern takes of Spongebob, Adventure Time, and Regular Show… our game reminds you and yours what it was like to get together and laugh at yourselves. (And trust us — you’re really funny to laugh at!) We’ve assembled a dream team of cartoon historians, fantastic artists, and our usual gang of idiots… and we need your help to light this candle.

MADCAP is now available for crowd-funding options. For a limited time, you can get exclusive artwork from animation professionals — your own cartoon character, immortalized in a role-playing game, the highest form of entertainment media! With your support, we can take this act on the road: new platforms, new stores, new artists, new novelty! Click here to spread the MADCAP lunacy.

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Sanguine Games announces FARFLUNG – Sci-Fi Role-Play After Dark

Cover for Farflung 17-Feb-2017

Sanguine Productions is proud to announce FARFLUNG: Role-Play at the Limits of your Tomorrow. Based on the popular Apocalypse World engine, this high-concept science fiction game explores the possibilities of characters far, far more powerful than your typical role-playing game. From immortals beyond that transcend time, up to alien destroyers of entire worlds, and right down to the mostly-harmless Earthlings clearly in over their heads, you may immerse yourself in the experience of post-scarcity, transhuman space. But if anything is possible, then what is interesting? We have such sights to show you.

FARFLUNG is now available for crowd-funding options, and we invite you to participate in more ways than ever before. Early-access copies are available for immediate review. (Yes, pledge right now and immediately receive a working copy of the game.) And with your support, we can take this experiment in interactive fiction to new heights, such as new platforms, retail release, story-telling tools and more. Click here to share and enjoy Farflung.

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And now a word from our sponsors: URBAN JUNGLE 20% off sale

Friend, have you been suffering from the listless feeling that doctors have been known to call “bad game”? Well, “level up” your life with URBAN JUNGLE: Anthropomorphic Noir Role-Play! A stand-up, stand-alone game in a single volume, you too can take on the role of the hard-boiled detective, the scheming femme fatale, the two-bit crooks, and the high-rolling gangsters. Customize your character as little or as much as you like, then jump head-first into a rich world of animals that walk, talk, fall in love, hold grudges, and frame you for a murder you did not commit. Just like people do!

URBAN JUNGLE was engineered by the top game-scientists of Sanguine Games, the same ones who brought you Ironclaw, Albedo, Usagi, and other fine products. Then they added illustrations from such top-notch artists as Tracy Butler (Lackadaisy), Maritza Campos (College Roommates From Hell), Rick Griffin (Housepets), Adam Koford (Laugh-Out-Loud Cats), and Krazy Krow (Spinnerette).  Finally, the game was produced by the support of community members like yourself, and now it’s available for everyone!

To celebrate of this brave new world of modern gaming, the printed version of URBAN JUNGLE is on sale for a limited time at 20% off. Just click this link, here, to order your copy and to have it delivered by parcel post or by special delivery. This offer will be available until November 10, 2016 or while supplies last, so act now while there’s still time!

URBAN JUNGLE. Ask for it by name!

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