Turn-of-the-century adventure awaits you with NOGGLE STONES

Posted by Imperator • January 9th, 2013

Noggle Stones Role Playing Game
Based upon the acclaimed novels by Wil Radcliffe, NOGGLE STONES: FANTASTIC ADVENTURE AT THE CROSSROADS OF AMERICA puts the players in the roles of either mysterious creatures of myth and legends, or the humble people of turn-of-the-century America, against the threats of darkest myth.  When the Otherworld of Faerie could no longer contain the forces of evil, a shadow falls over midwestern America … and the dark powers grow stronger in the era New Imperialism, feeding upon fear, greed, and hate.  Take up bow and sword, or put your trust in bomb and gun, or take the risks of the supernatural, but remember … your worst enemy lurks in your own shadow.

From the designers of IRONCLAW, this book is a complete game in one volume, with rules for making characters both human and supernatural … weapons both from 1900s America and from the Faerie Realm …. a sample adventure to get you started … and more!  Fully illustrated, in full color, by George Broderick Jr., with Ernie Colon, and Norman Rafferty.

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