Ironclaw’s BOOK OF FOOLS ranked #1 by sock-puppet accounts

Posted by Imperator • March 31st, 2013

Book of FoolsAs if the title wasn’t enough, IRONCLAW’s BOOK OF FOOLS has earned yet another title as the #1 game as ranked by by sock-puppet accounts. These social media accounts, specifically created by ad agencies to praise a product through paid endorsement, rated BOOK OF FOOLS as the #1 game that they were created to praise.

“It’s a fantastic book for a great game,” said David Manning from Ridgefield, Connecticut. “I can’t recommend it enough.” Mary Sue Smithee from Portland, Oregon, added, “It’s a fantastic book for a great game. I can’t recommend it enough.” Praise was funneled in from accounts created internationally, such as Nikolai from Columbia, who said, “It’s fantastic book for a great game. I can’t praise it enough.” Olivia from Bolivia added that it was a “fantastic book” and that they could not “praise it enough.”.

Not all sock-puppet accounts praised the book equally, however. Roland from Poland wrote, “//ERROR //SCRIPT INVALID //TERMINATE MACRO”. And undefined from Pakistan, while also claiming that BOOK OF FOOLS was a fantastic book for a great game, added that “Javascript Runtime error: Null is not an object.”

To celebrate this new bout of foolishness, BOOK OF FOOLS is available from for a limited time at a 100% discount. Get your copy today! It’s a fantastic book for a great game that we can’t recommend enough!

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