Time-Travel Discounts: The World Ends Yesterday And Only You Can Save Tomorrow!

ChristmasInJulyNewAd-2015-DTRPG[1]Our top-tier chronological scientists have been working round the clock to … round out the clock, as it were. While these discrepancies in the calendar are mostly undetectable to lay-persons, factors such as the rotation in the earth and variations in the chip-sets of smart watches have made it necessary to alter the fabric of time itself, and to pass the savings onto you.

Firstly, Christmas has been moved and extended to July 23-31, 2015. (Our calculations have determined that it’s impossible for one man with even nine tiny reindeer to deliver presents to all the world in anything less than 170 hours.) To subsidize any economic inconvenience you may suffer, Sanguine Games and DriveThruRPG are working together with the Christmas in July sale. Save 15% to 25% on Sanguine titles and other fine books. Click here to see the sales listings.

Ironclaw OmnibusSecondly, our scientists have determined that even though the record sales of Ironclaw merchandise at Anthrocon this month might look like good news … the growing demand started a “butterfly chain” that will cause an “eschatonic apocalypse” which has “levels of alarmism beyond all comprehension.” We urge you to not travel back in time to shoot your own grandfather. Don’t get mad at him, things were different then.  Instead, you can click on this link to order the Ironclaw Omnibus at reduced pricing, just like those salad days of yore.

These sales will only last until July 31st, so act quickly. With your help, we can make a better tomorrow before it even happens. Thank you.

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Notes from the Aleph: Forins, Origeon, Patreums … and thanks!

Thanks to everyone who supported our Myriad Song: Aliens book! Rewards will start shipping later this month. Wow, is this really our seventh crowd-funded project? It’s all made possible with your support.

There’s been some updates to our forums. There’s now the ability to redirect to other forums, and some behind-the-scenes improvements. Thanks to our army of small but vicious dogs for wrangling the code.

Will you be at Origins Game Fair this weekend, June 3-7? Look for Sanguine Games at the Studio 2 booth, #345, and ask about Bleeding Edge, our exciting open-source role-playing game!

Thanks to Andrew Kaiko for the animated Mavra art. You can learn more about Tidbits and his current work, over at his Patreon.

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MYRIAD SONG ALIENS – Make the Strange Even Stranger!

Myriad Song is Sanguine’s game of role-play in the far-off vistas of an unknowable universe. The mysterious Syndics plucked thousands of species from their homes, raised them for some untold purpose, and then abandoned them to the ten-thousand planets of the void. What secrets were left behind, and what is to happen to these orphans of the stars?

Our Aliens book will get even stranger! Meet the multi-limbed, horned Drozan, who would rather live free and alone in the fallen worlds than serve any master or state. Or consider their opposite, the aggressive Serkai, whose snaky, chitinous bodies house a keen and planning mind, as they ruthlessly work to take the Myriad, by negotiation or by force. Deep in the lightless caves underneath many a planet’s surface, the Moceri creep about, thriving in the dark where other blind aliens would fear to go . And what of the Ghen’ti, who are gradually evolving into a xenharmonic strangeness that only the Syndics could know?

Check out all the rewards, stretch goals, and other strangeness on our Kickstarter site, by clicking this link.


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Be Your Own Genius – BOOK OF FOOLS now pay-what-you-want

Anyone who knows how much it costs to make a game is either a fool or a geniusSee the summer lightning cast its bolts upon you as the hour of judgement draws near! Would you be the fool stood in his suit of armor while the wiser man rushes clear?. Now, you can be your own genius when you tell us how much Book of Fools costs! That’s right, you can now pay any price you want. Don’t let anyone hold you accountable for profit or loss! Be a pioneer in this world of crowd-sourced, Web-3.0, content-provider information-superhighways! Dare to dream. Dare to pay.

Book of Fools is available on DriveThruRPG.net as a stand-alone purchase or in the Ironclaw Compleat Library.

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FURRY FIESTA WHITEOUT SALE: Ironclaw Omnibus and Myriad Song books 14% off until March 1st

Even bad weather couldn’t keep us from having a great time at Furry Fiesta! Thanks to the staff for inviting us, and thanks to all the attendees who came to see us, to attend our panels, and to purchase our stuff.

So many of you came by to get copies of IRONCLAW that we sold out much, much earlier than we ever could have expected. As an extra thank-you to everyone who have supported us this many years, we’ve marked down the IRONCLAW OMNIBUS and MYRIAD SONG to 14% off the cover price. (And as an added bonus, get an extra PDF copy for only 1 penny!) This offer is only good until all the ice melts in Texas, which should be by March 1st!

You can order Ironclaw Omnibus and Myriad Song by clicking here to go to DriveThruRPG.com.

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Sanguine Games to be Guests of Honor at Furry Fiesta 2015 on February 20th

Sanguine Games are honored to be guests of honor at Furry Fiesta on February 20th! Furry Fiesta is a yearly gathering of anthropomorphic art, science fiction, and fantasy fans held in Addison, Texas, USA. It is operated by the Dallas Regional Anthropomorphic Meeting Associating (D.R.A.M.A.), Inc., a Texas-incorporated organization dedicated to advancing anthropomorphic art and fan activities in the Dallas, TX, region of the U.S.A. and beyond. Come see us at our table in the Dealer’s Hall (illustration below), or attend one of our presentations or gaming events.


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Onward and Ever On: From Further Confusion to Furry Fiesta

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Further Confusion 2015! We had an over-whelming response, selling out of all of our stock! Our panels were also a great success, especially Aurelina and Agouti-Rex’s Found Footage Panel, so popular that it was standing-room only. Their eclectic retrospective included a unique look into the history of furry fandom, going all the way back to Confurence 1993, complete with commentary from people featured in the videos.

Look for us at Furry Fiesta in Dallas, coming up next month!

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Sanguine Games to be at Further Confusion

Further Confusion is one of the world’s largest anthropomorphic (or “furry”) conventions, which just celebrated its 15th year running! It is held in the San Jose Convention Center, San Jose Marriott, and San Jose Hilton. Many events and attractions, including the Dealers’ Room, Art Show, and Main Stage will be at the East end of the Convention Center and within the San Jose Marriott. The dates of the 2015 convention will be January 15th through 19th.

Sanguine Games’ table is #66, conveniently located near the emergency exit. (In the unlikely event of a water landing, any Sanguine merchandise that you purchase can be used as a flotation device.) Meet important anthrorati such as Aurelina, Norman Rafferty, and Mike Rosen. Ask them lots of questions about their work on Ironclaw’s Book of Adventures. Attend panels! Wander halls! Eat donuts! Tweet! And do so much more!

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